Memory - Sheela


I am Sheela...

My memories of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo as a parent....

We came to U.S. 12 years back from India; my 2 daughters were 2 and 6 years at the time. We had Happy Hollow Park & Zoo membership. They enjoyed This Park and Zoo so much.

It was family outing almost every weekend. They loved Danny the Dragon ride and the Crooked house slide. First couple of years me and my friends were not driving, so during the weekdays (during vacation) we used to go together and used to have lunch there. My husband used to pick us up after 5pm.

They both liked the Shoe Slide. My daughters liked zoo and other small rides. My youngest daughter was 2 at that time she loved feeding goats.

There was few years gap and now I go with my 5-year-old son. Since my daughters are very busy with college and high school stuff, they can't come with us. When I visit Kelly Park with my son, I remember my daughter's childhood and the time my family spent at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

My son missed the park during the construction. We visited park many times before closing and can't wait to visit the new renovated Park and Zoo. My son loved Danny the Dragon and the little statue around the track. He also likes to visit this small train station and the Maze play.

I love to go here because it is just 20 minute driving distance and like to spend some quality time with my son!

He enjoys this park so much!



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