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When I was younger, I always enjoyed visiting...

I remember as a little girl my parents taking me...Read More...

My parents took us to Happy Hollow in the early 60's. I remember the picnic area with chickens walking around. I loved the Octopus, but my favorite was the Old Woman's Shoe House with slide. I'm planning on bringing my 3 grandaughters down!

Happy Hollow was our favorite place to visit when we were children. We spent many birthdays there.


Danny the Dragon Retired Director, Gregg Owens
Danny the Dragon Susie Hood (2) watches
Danny the Dragon pass by, 1996
Frontier Village Westin (5) and Susie (2)
playing at the old
Frontier village cutouts, 1996
The Knight Westin & Susie & the photo-friendly knight, 1996
Jaguar! Jackie, Jezebel the Jaguar and Chris 1994
Jaguar! Jackie and Mari with Jezebel the Jaguar 1995
Rides! Susie (1) and her friend Janelle Pereyda (4) ride the cars in 1995
Opening Day 1961! Jerry Mathers on Opening Day March 27, 1961
Opening Day 1961! Opening Day with Jerry Mathers and Miss Cambrian Park
Rides! Katie P
Goat! Katie P
Wellington 1961 March 1961 Wellington
Wellington 1961 Wellington 1961
Wellington 1961 Wellington Play Structure 1961
Wellington 1962 Wellington 1962
Mari and a Goat Mari and a Goat 1995
Mari on the Carousel Mari on MGR 1997
James, 1994 James, 1994
James, 1994 James, 1994
Karen and Michael, 1961t Karen and Michael, 1961
Arturo and Marco, 1998 Arturo and Marco, 1998
Turtle Race Mary Ann Rosso and David Serrano at the Happy Hollow turtle race, 1972
Queen Gayle Simpson and King Johnnie Talent show pianist Queen Gayle Simpson and King Johnnie. April 4, 1962
Debi and Family Debi and family on the Octopus, circa 1964
Debi Old Woman Shoe Debi and family playing inside the Old Woman's Shoe, circa 1964
Cheryl 1962 Cheryl, circa 1962
Cheryl 1962 Cheryl and family, circa 1962





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