Scheduled Ride refurbishments

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is home to eight family-friendly rides and 12 attractions 

and play areas. Amusement rides are a big part of summer fun, but how do we make sure our rides are safe year-round?

At Happy Hollow, the safety of our guests, animals, and staff is paramount. Our specially trained Rides Inspection Team are responsible for the safe operation of all our park rides and attractions.

Our rides staff follow detailed manufacturer and state department guidelines for inspection and safety by visually and physically performing daily rides inspections including; checking all safety restraint systems, and making ride announcements. They load and unload guests, maintain safe ride procedures, employ height requirements, and implement emergency stop and evacuation procedures whenever necessary.  

As you get ready to plan your trip to Happy Hollow, it's helpful to know which rides and are undergoing seasonal refurbishments, safety maintenance, and tests during your visit. Please be sure to check which rides are open on our daily schedule.


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