Wild Science (ages 4-6)  

Registration for fall classes opens July 21st, 2018!


Explore the wild world of biology in these engaging classes. Each class includes interactive discussions, inquiry-based activities, a visit from one of our animal ambassadors, and more! Join us for a class full of discovery and play! Please note children attend class independently, without parents or guardians. 

Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm
$30.00 non-members / $27.00 members

Happy Hollow Members receive a 10% discount on classes 
with their membership number and coupon code HHMEM*

Reptile Files: September 8th, 2018
Are you intrigued by tiny turtles, lengthy lizards, and slithering snakes? Happy Hollow is home to many reptiles - most of which you can only meet during special zoo classes! Learn what makes a reptile a reptile and meet some of our ectothermic friends up close! To register online click here!

Winged Wonders: October 6th, 2018
Come flap, flutter and soar with the winged wonders at the zoo! Even though many birds and insects can fly, each has different kinds of wings. Learn what makes each winged animal unique! To register online click here!

Science of Bugs: November 3rd, 2018
Bugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some bugs have 6 legs and some have 200. Join us as we explore the world of bugs and find out what makes them so special! To register online click here!

Mega Mammals: December 1st, 2018
Some mammals can be as large as a school bus, while others can be as small as your thumb. Join us as we discover what makes a mammal a mammal and meet some of the zoo's most famous creatures. To register online click here!


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