Conservation Efforts 

Gorilla Honey

Gorilla Honey, sold at Happy Hollow – supports the Rangers and Mountain Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo

photo of rangers in uniform with dogHappy Hollow has committed to working with a group of Rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2006. The Rangers are the front line of protection for the last remaining populations of Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park. They are pitted against well-armed professional poachers hunting for ivory and bushmeat, bands of rebel insurgents and local subsistence poachers, yet they continue to do their best to defend the Virunga National Park and its wildlife. 

Happy Hollow Zoo has directly supported these field conservation efforts: 

  • Provided salaries for Rangers who had not been paid in almost 10 years, yet continued to perform their incredibly dangerous job
  • Purchased Ranger uniforms and boots for protection out on patrol
  • Improved the water sanitation system at Bukima patrol post in the gorilla sector, which houses 17 guards and uses a 20-year-old well in which the water was filthy.
  • Provided tents and rations for patrols
  • Restocked the pharmacy at the park headquarters, which serves the Rangers and their families.
  • We've sent funds to help toward the purchase of a surveillance plane. 
  • We support the “Widow’s Fund” to support the widows of the men who have lost their lives while serving. 
  • Land Rovers to help jump start tourism to the Park. 

Virunga logoTo get an even better understanding of who the Congo Rangers are, what they do and how we have had an impact; below are two links to videos they have sent us.

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