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"G" for Gorilla Honey

On sale now! Eight ounces of pure, unfiltered raw honey from the Happy Hollow Bees. One hundred percent of your purchase benefits the protection of the last remaining Mountain Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Click here to learn more about sales.

We have been working with Steve Demkowski, Happy Hollow Zoo Resident Beekeeper, for several years. He teaches a year-long beekeeping workshop and also teaches the local 4-H kids beekeeping at the History Park. We heard about a group of women in Rwanda who sold honey to help protect the gorillas – and thought, “Hey, we can do that too!”

Ethiopian Wolf

photo of group with signs and dogs

In response to the emergency request to help with a rabies outbreak in the Ethiopian Wolf population, Happy Hollow turned to local supporters for help. We partnered with a local veterinarian and high school vet club to offer a vaccine clinic to the community. All vaccines were donated, and funds were raised and sent to help with the outbreak via Wildlife Conservation Network. The vaccine clinic has now become an annual event, and raises awareness and encourages local engagement for wolves. 

Cell Phone Recycling

Happy Hollow pioneered the popular cell phone recycling concept, and has been collecting old cellular phones for many years. The program has kept more than 20,000 cellular phones out of landfills. Donate your old cell phones and pagers, and help critically endangered orangutans in Indonesia. Learn more about how you can help.

Global Satellite Phone Distribution

Thanks to connections with the local business community, Happy Hollow through Happy Hollow Foundation received a donation of 40 satellite phones from an anonymous high tech donor. Reaching out to our conservation partners, Happy Hollow has been able to send the phones to the far corners of the globe to benefit scientists in the field working with San Diego Zoo Global, Denver Zoo, Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo,, Zoo Leon in Mexico and Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina. The satellite phones have been used to assist Field Conservationists as they go about the science of protecting, monitoring, and saving a wide range of endangered wildlife. These include mountain gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo; wild cats in Danum Valley of Borneo; condors in Baja California; Andean bears in Peru; Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys and Indian elephants in Vietnam; lesser kestrels and Siberian marmots in Mongolia; frogs in Lake Titicaca; wild dogs in Botswana; cheetahs in Kenya; jaguars in Southern Oaxaca in Mexico; Ethiopian wolves; and sea turtles in Suriname.

Cheetah Conservation Fund 

Happy Hollow supports cheetah conservation through our partners at CCF. The Cheetah Conservation Fund is internationally recognized as a center of excellence in the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems. CCF will work with all stakeholders to develop best practices in research, education, and land use to benefit all species, including people.

Center for Ecosystem Survival

Visitors donate through our Conservation Parking Meter to the Center for Ecosystem Survival.  Funds from this meter support endangered habitat conservation in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. 

Visit for more information.

Belize Audubon Society

We support the efforts of the Belize Audubon Society in protecting the habitats of jaguars in the wild through preservation of habitat and education of the local populations and surrounding communities.  Funds collected from the wishing well are sent to Belize Audubon Society to help protect the habitats of jaguars in the wild. 

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