Learning L.O.D.G.E. The Crooked House
Updated and newly renovated, the Crooked House reopened to the public in 2013. We are excited that this vintage attraction has been brought back to life!
 Learning L.O.D.G.E. Education Center
Learning L.O.D.G.E. (Learn, Observe, Discover, Go Explore!) The greenest of all the new buildings and built out of hay bales – the Learning L.O.D.G.E. will be the center of educational activity for the new facility.
Doc's Critter Care Doc’s Critter Care 
The new animal hospital featuring indoor and outdoor quarantine, surgery and radiology facilities.
The Barn Double H Ranch Exhibit
Includes expansive animal contact area with additional play areas for children. The area features the Animal Barn, which will offer close contact with domestic species along with new exhibits of animals typically found in a barn.
Education Center  Explore and More Retail Shop
1500 square feet of shopping!
Lemur Play Area Lemur Woods Exhibit
Featuring endangered lemurs with a parallel play area for children to hop, jump and move like a lemur!
Redwood Lookout Redwood Lookout
Play area is perfect for multiple age groups with an area for toddlers, a sitting area for parents and then a larger play structure for older children. Built to model a Ranger lookout station, the giant play structure is nestled in the redwoods with slides, swings, ropes and climbing areas.
Entrance Plaza Entry Plaza
The home to the whimsical public art created by internationally known artist Tom Otterness. The artwork entitled Another World is a bronze menagerie of both animals found in the zoo and whimsical ones found in the Park.
Picnic Basket Restaurant Picnic Basket Restaurant
2400 square feet of indoor and outdoor dining space which will accommodate 162 guests outside and 54 inside.
Just a peek – so much more to see when you visit!

Giggle Grove The new rides area featuring Dragon Flyer, Kiddie Swings, Frog Hopper, and returning ride favorites, the Granny Bugs and the Mini Putts.

Family Rides A spectacular Keep-Around-Carousel that features endangered species characters, Pacific Fruit Express Family Roller Coaster, and an “Extreme Make-Over” of the beloved Danny the Dragon Ride.

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