Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals. We have been an AZA-accredited facility for 25 years, which means we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of animal management and care. 

Our exhibits are designed to provide safe and secure habitats for our animals, while providing as much space as possible for species specific behavior, such as running, jumping, climbing, resting, etc. Much research, thought, and effort is put into making the enclosures as varied and complex as possible to account for the individual needs of all our animals, including areas where they can go “off exhibit” if they choose.

Click here to view a list of animals in our collection and learn more. We thank our visitors for respecting our animals and exhibits.

Our Animal Enrichment Program

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo has an extensive enrichment program, and our zoo keepers and veterinary staff are experts at devising unique and varied forms of enrichment for all the animals in our care. All of the animals in our collection receive enrichment on a daily (and often twice daily) basis, as part of the high standard of care we provide. 

Using enrichment, we provide stimulating environments which allow our animals opportunities to demonstrate species-typical behavior. This is accomplished by providing them with stimulus such as: items to tear apart (boxes, bags, browse), scents (perfume, animal scents, vinegar, flowers, spices), sounds (CD recordings of birds and other animals), and cognitive tasks through training.  

The video above highlights some of the enrichment given to our collection at Happy Hollow Zoo.


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