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Letter suggesting the name of the ParkIn the1950's, people from all over the USA fell in love with Disneyland, and wanted some place like Disneyland in their home town. Jaycees, Alden Campen and Ernie Renzel (former Mayor of San Jose) took this dream to heart, and following Oakland’s lead (the creation of Oakland’s Fairyland), approached City “fathers” in 1956 with the idea of developing a children’s park on property owned and for sale by the Kelley Family (the property was on the market before Mrs. Kelley died and the family wanted to subdivide property).

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Lutz Ruhe and Donna Ruhe Gregg
Retired Director, Gregg Owens
Former Zoo Director
Lutz Ruhe and Donna Ruhe
Heather 1973



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Heather 1973  


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