Refund Policy

  • Cancellations 30 calendar days or more before the scheduled party:
    • Fully refundable (Including Tickets, Celebration Plans, Food, and extras)
    • $10 refund processing fee applies.
  •  Cancellations between 29 & 8 calendar days before the scheduled party:
    • Partially Refundable (Including Tickets, Celebration Plans, Food, and extras)
    • $75 cancellation fee & $10 refund processing fee applies ($85 total).
  • Cancellations of 7 calendar days or less before the scheduled party:
    • Non-Refundable.
    • Pre-purchased admission tickets are non refundable, but are good for 1 year and will be mailed or picked-up at the Party Clients discretion..

 Weather Policy

  • Please be advised that Happy Hollow is prominently an outdoor facility and may be affected by a variety of weather conditions such as rain, wind, and temperature which should be considered prior to booking a party. Happy Hollow does not issue refunds due to weather unless the facility closes on the day of the event. Should Happy Hollow close, a full refund will be given which, at the party client’s choice, may include admission tickets. In the event of rain without necessary park closure, Happy Hollow will provide a canopy in your area.
  • Certain rides and attractions cannot operate during rainy weather (e.g. Danny the Dragon, Pacific Fruit Express, and Kiddie Swings).
  • Parties may reschedule their party no later than three days of their event without additional fees if rain is forecasted. 

Additional Fees and Charges

  • Clean up Decorations ($25) - Fee charged when outside decorations are not removed from party area.
  • Party Cancellation / Change fee ($75) - Fee deducted from amount refunded when party is cancelled between 29 and 8 days before the party. This fee may also be charged if a party is moved at the client's request within 3 days of the scheduled event.
  • Refund Process fee ($10) - Fee deducted from amount refunded to Party Client.
  • Self Catering Fee ($100) – Option to Party Client to bring in outside prepared food to Happy Hollow. See hhpz.org for more details.
  • Exceeding Rental Time Fee- Time charged for exceeding party area rental time. ($50 every 30 minutes. All time is charged in 30 minute increments).

Food and Beverage

  • $50 minimum food purchase is required with all celebration plans except the Simple fun plan.
  • The self catering option is available for all celebration plans with the exception of Simple Fun. If the Party Client chooses this option then a $100 self cater fee will be charged. Cake or dessert items are exempt from this requirement.
  • Food and beverage requests for specialized items or substitution to our normal menu will only be accommodated with the purchase of the Extraordinary Celebration Plan. Party Clients with specific dietary requirements should consider bringing in outside prepared food as part of the $100 self catering option.
  • All self catered food items must be fully prepared and cooked prior to arriving at Happy Hollow. Cooking, storage, and utensils will not be available for self catered food.
  • In circumstances when strict dietary needs affect 10% or fewer members of the party, Happy Hollow will waive the self catering fee and permit the party to bring in food that addresses their specific dietary requirements. Specific food item must be disclosed as well as the proposed amount of food that will be brought in order to receive approval.
  • All food & beverage orders must be finalized 1 week prior to the scheduled event.
  • Once the food and beverage delivery time has been finalized it may not be changed due to scheduling conflicts with other parties.
  • Outside vendors are permitted with prior approval from Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

 Extras and Entertainment Options

  • Latex balloons, traditional piñatas , sports equipment, air jumpers, barbecues, and audio equipment are not be permitted or stored in Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. 
  • Due to the height and appearance of Danny the Dragon (DTD), consideration should be given before booking DTD as he may frighten some children. A DTD visit is non-refundable within two weeks of the scheduled event; however, depending on availability DTD visits may be substituted for equal or less value.
  • Once performance times are finalized for Danny the Dragon and face painting, they may not be changed due to conflicts with other celebrations or Happy Hollow’s programmed entertainment.

 General Policies

  • Admission tickets cannot be distributed via u.s. mail. Party Clients may pick-up pre-purchased Celebration tickets at the Happy Hollow Celebration desk during the hours of 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM. 
  • Electronic parking codes cannot be given out at will-call. The Party Client is responsible for distributing these items.
  • All guests ages 2 and older are required to have tickets. Guests with a current Happy Hollow Membership do not require a ticket.
  • Finalized will-call lists are required no later than three days before the scheduled event. If the will-call list is not received by that time then it is assumed that the party client will distribute the tickets to their guests and will-call services will not be provided.
  • Guests under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • On the day of the event the party client must pay all open invoices and associated fees prior to Happy Hollow’s scheduled closing time.
  • Parties have access to the party areas 15 minutes before the scheduled time to set-up and 5 minutes following the party time to remove decorations. Please be advised that another Party Client will be setting up their decorations and park staff will be cleaning the area immediately following the five minute time frame. If the party exceeds this time, an exceeding rental time fee may be charged to the party client.
  • Party clients are responsible for removing their own decorations following the end of the party.

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