The Tickets 



Celebration Tickets- $9.25 each

Celebration Tickets are good for a full day of fun. Invite your family and friends to come early and stay late. No matter what time your celebration begins, your guests can enjoy all the daily programming and attractions that Happy Hollow has to offer.

  • 14 minimum ticket purchase is required for all celebration plans and is included in all package prices.
  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children under the age of 2 do not require a ticket to admitted into the park.

Will-Call Services

Complimentary will-call services are available for each celebration plan. Please read below for specific details:

  • Parties who wish to use Happy Hollow will-call services must complete a Will-Call form no later than 3 days from their scheduled party date.
  • Those picking up tickets must show picture ID. Only the number of tickets reserved for the name provided will be handed out. Each receiving party will be required to sign for the tickets received.
  • If there is an insufficient number of tickets to cover an invited group arriving for the party, the invited guest(s) may purchase additional ticket(s) for $9.25 from any open admission window.
  • If there are extra tickets remaining after the party, they will be returned to the party client who may use them at a later date or choose to use them as a gift. Leftover tickets are non-refundable but are valid for 1 year after your celebration date.


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