Recreation Leader

Recreation Leader Positions Currently Available at Happy Hollow:

Guest Service Lead / Membership Cashier

The Guest Services Lead position is responsible for ensuring exceptional customer service, facilitates daily operations of the front gate area, and staffs the customer service desk. Additionally, this position monitors the performance and schedules cashiers and front gate hosts who are responsible for selling park admissions and memberships, turnstile operations, birthday and group reservations, and assisting lost parties and those requiring first aid. Other typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, leading, training, and monitoring duties of front gate staff; operating point of sale ticketing systems; register cash-outs; assisting with staff breaks; resolving customer inquiries and concerns; creating daily operating schedules; ensuring daily cleanliness of front gate area, ordering supplies; and providing administrative assistance.  The Membership Cashier position is responsible for selling annual memberships at the on-site Membership Sales Windows, operating the Omni point of sale system, handling cash and payments, data entry of members’ information into the member database, and database manipulation for member queries and searches.  This position will also receive training on turnstile operations and admissions, parking sales, group sales, and ticketing procedures in the Omni point of sale system.  The Guest Services Lead and Membership Cashier positions may be cross-trained to perform both areas of responsibility and may assist in training other staff in front gate operations and procedures.  These positions will interact with the Members & Guests who visit Happy Hollow Park & Zoo daily and are responsible for providing them with excellent customer service.

Puppet / Entertainment

This position in support of the entertainment program is responsible for performances of daily puppet shows, costume character appearances, community outreach, and other live entertainment and events at Happy Hollow. Additionally, this position assists in the coordination of creating costumes, scripts, props, scenery, and sound recordings for Happy Hollow productions. Other typical responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, leading, training, and monitoring duties of entertainment staff; operating sound recording, sewing, and power equipment; performing and speaking in front of others; resolving customer inquiries and concerns; creating staffing schedules; ensuring daily cleanliness of the puppet theater area; ordering supplies; and providing administrative assistance.

Picnic Basket & Double H Catering

The Picnic Basket Recreation Leader is responsible for assisting the Cook & Food Service Manager in managing the Food and Beverage operations at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo's Picnic Basket restaurant, on and off site catering, and remote concession stands.  General duties include assisting in the training; cashiering, developing and maintaining relationships with work experience program volunteers, assist with developing seasonal food and beverage menus; overseeing food preparation quality and safety; and developing and maintaining an attractive and consistent presentation. Training provided.


This position in support of our Revenue Team is responsible for cash handling and securing funds in accordance with the City of San Jose Policy. Typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, accurate counting of cash and coin, preparing daily money distribution to cashiers, ability to maintain effective communication with employees and customers to express oneself clearly and concisely, closing out cashiers, ability to problem solve, prepare banking deposits, filling and empting coin change machines, follow written and oral instructions and willing to work week-ends and holidays. Knowledge of 10-key calculator, and excel spreadsheets preferred. Physical requirements include walking from cash control room to various register sites and lifting 40 lbs.


This position in support of the Birthday Party Program know as ‘Celebrations’ is responsible for providing great customer service to making each party a memorable and hassle free experience for our customers. Other typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, leading and monitoring duties of party hosts, creation of party event schedules, coordinating of supporting party events such as food catering and costume character visits, clean-up & decoration of party areas, ordering supplies, face painting, up-selling services, organizing activities for children ages 2 and up, and providing administrative assistance. 


This position will be responsible for ensuring exceptional customer service and the daily operation and services of the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo membership program back office.  Additionally, this position acts as Membership Lead assisting members with inquiries and concerns, supporting membership cashiers, and enforcing/ training membership procedures.  Other typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, responding to membership inquiries via telephone & e-mail; selling memberships & completing applications over the phone or by mail; handling payments in accordance the City's revenue policies; responding to member request forms; reviewing & correcting customer data and demographics in Omni database; assembling Membership Gift Packages; processing Membership Tickets;  ordering membership supplies and materials; and resolving Member Complaints & Concerns.

Rides & Attractions

This position in support of our Rides & Attractions program is responsible for the daily cleanliness and safe operation of park rides and attractions. Additionally, this position monitors the performance of ride operators who are responsible for courteously ensuring the safety of guests by visually and physically checking all safety restraint systems; making ride announcements; follow documented ride procedures; check and enforce height and rider requirements; and implements emergency stop and evacuation procedures when necessary. Other typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, leading, training and monitoring duties of ride operators; operating rides; creating daily operating schedules; coordination of support departments such as mechanical & park maintenance, and other Happy Hollow Programs; ensuring daily cleanliness of rides, attractions, and party areas; ordering supplies; courteously enforcing ride requirements to passengers; and providing administrative assistance.


The function of the Parking Lead is to support daily Parking Operations of multiple Kelley Park parking lots and for ensuring easy access for all visitors to Happy Hollow, History Park San Jose, Japanese Friendship Gardens, and Leininger Community Center. The Parking Lead will lead, train and monitor duties of parking cashiers; perform cash handling and register operation; create daily operating schedules; coordinate and communicate with Park Rangers, Happy Hollow, Leininger Community Center, and Parks Maintenance; use traffic safety equipment, directional and safety signs.

Face Painter

The Face paint program and its members are responsible for providing excellent customer service, providing professional artistry for each customer transforming their visit into a memorable day. Other responsibilities include training staff, scheduling, organizing equipment, organizing off site events, creating new face paints, monitoring & leading staff. This position will also require set-up and clean-up of equipment on a daily basis as well as standing and bending over for long periods of time. The face painting booth is open 7 days a week & applicants should be willing to work a combination of weekends and weekdays.

 To Apply:

Please visit the City of San Jose's employment website for more information and to apply. 

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