Happy Hollow Foundation

About the Foundation

A Community Treasure

Happy Hollow Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 1958 AND dedicated to advocating, supporting and enhancing the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. Happy Hollow has been beloved by Bay Area families since it opened its gates in 1961. Happy Hollow is a unique combination of family rides, amusements, a puppet theater, play areas and an accredited zoo with over 150 animals and 70 species, from endangered lemurs to red pandas. Year-round classes and special events are offered for all ages. It is the first Gold LEED certified amusement park and zoo in the United States and is recognized as an industry leader in green building strategies and practices. 

Foundation Vision

Happy Hollow Foundation is a partner with — and an ambassador for — Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, supporting its goal of a sustainable environment for play, education and creativity while ensuring that the magic of Happy Hollow continues to thrive. Together Happy Hollow Foundation and Happy Hollow Park & Zoo provide conservation leadership and inspiration by connecting people with nature to secure a better future for wildlife locally and around the world. The foundation exists to continue the legacy of Happy Hollow in the community by providing stewardship of donors and community connections.

Our vision is to:

  • Build relationships to support the mission of Happy Hollow. 
  • Boost awareness of Happy Hollow in the Bay Area.
  • Nurture and grow a donor pool of members who do more for Happy Hollow and animal conservation
  • Engage guests, donors and sponsors to protect and appreciate animals and their habitats worldwide
  • Build a self-sustaining organization
  • Fund life science outreach programs for Title I schools, family shelters and soup kitchens
  • Provide enjoyable family experiences through play (arts, theater, playgrounds, rides)
  • Increase attendance and revenue
  • Spark creativity and imagination through play-based learning

Our Mission

The mission of Happy Hollow Foundation is to engage individual donors, foundations, corporations, and government agencies in helping to advance the mission of the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, which exists to provide an affordable, sustainable, conservation-oriented outdoor adventure for families, schools, and children of all ages.

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