looking for the purrrfect gift for a birthday, holiday, or any day? 

Give the gift that keeps on giving…an Annual Membership to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo! Share your love of Happy Hollow with your friends and family and give them their own ticket to a year’s worth of whimsical memories.

The Benefits of Membership

Gift Memberships

You will need to know each gift recipient’s first & last name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address (optional) in order to complete the Gift Membership Application. Before purchasing a gift membership, please contact the Happy Hollow Membership Department at [email protected] to verify that the gift recipient does not already have a current membership.


How can I purchase a Gift Membership to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo?


Gift Packaging / Gift Announcement Card

Happy Hollow Gift Memberships are assembled in festive Danny the Dragon packaging which includes a personalized gift announcement card notifying the recipient of your gift. Please complete the Gift Section on the membership application form if you would like the gift packaging.


After purchasing your Membership cards on-line select one of the following options:


  • Pick up your purchase from Guest Services, it will include a gift announcement card and gift packaging. You will need to provide your sales order receipt and ID.


  • Gift recipient can pick up their gift at Guest Services, it will include a gift announcement card and gift packaging. They will need to provide ID that matches the new memberships.


  • We will mail the gift membership including the gift announcement card and gift packaging to the recipient. This requires a $10.00 service fee. Allow ten days for shipping. Will call or pick up only after December 14th.



To ensure your friends and family receive notification of your thoughtful gift…just click below to print a gift announcement from your home computer!

All-occasion Gift Announcement
Holiday Gift Announcement

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